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>> was alive look from the front pennsylvania. jerrye sandusky is now inside and will be learning his sentence for his conviction of child molestation. >> present obama is set to leave san francisco this morning and a couple of hours. will tran is there and we will have the latest. it is when i go home for both bay area baseball teams today. pn1 shore and it is aftek that down for you in just a
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little bit. >> there is a potential hot spot on san bruno where there is a potential construction delay. three left lanes were shut down to schedule road work. things should be returning to normal but if not will be looking at the blaze from sfo to san francisco. >> we have been watching the court house this morning. at
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his sentencing day for cherry sandusky in the sex abuse scandal. we have video of him arriving just moments ago. at least six of his victims are expected to speak at this hearing today. a recorded statement that could be a preview of what he says this morning. the former assistant prfootball coach described himself as a v with an update on exactly what happened in court today. he faces as much as 374 years in prison. >> san francisco organizers are meeting today to decide whether not to remove the mayor from office. he pleaded guilty in march to a misdemeanor of false imprisonment stem from an argument where he grabbed his wife's arm he is on probation in in domestic violence counseling
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right now. he was found to commit official misconduct. >> president obama was in san francisco last night for some fund-raisers but is scheduled to leave this morning. will tran is
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standing by with the latest on what we expect later on today. >> he is expected to leave sfo at 9:25 a.m. to go to ohio. in the meantime he is still at the intercontinental hotel which is why you still see lots of security here. they're not allowing anyone to go beyond fourth and howard. he'll be h. hrei00 auditorium 0 apiece. right now he is trailing mitt romney. there are other key states that he needs to win. how important as ohio? it does not mean everything but no republican has ever won the white house without winning ohio. based on history s president obama wins ohio there's a good chance he will also win the white house. we will have to wait and see.
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>> they also warned the united states that any failure to fix maybe a swamp. also waiting for kentucky fried chicken, taco bell to wait for their announcement. >> the ceo of american airlines has stated that customers have had a few problems. they stated that their performance is
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improving and that they will get past this. >> for flights have had this problem and their performance has dropped to about 59%. they have added extra planes to cover this. >> ieverybody is in court to seek the sentencing of jerry sandusky. some of his victims are scheduled to speak before the sentence is handled down this is one of the live stories that is happening right now. we are the sons and daughters of farmers who made cheese;
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>> we are getting word that the proceedings have begun for the sentencing of jerry sandusky. he is expected to speak as well. he is
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expected to receive over 300 years in prison. we will bring you this as soon as it did start it.
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>> we will find out how many people were linked with this outbreak. about 600 people received this recalled shot. local health departments have notified all the patients who visited these facilities. nine people have died and over a hundred others have became sick. + is lookinge steps were i degrees and future cast shows that the afternoon will be '60s through out the heart of the bay. as we pushed to 8:00 p.m. it will indicate where the 50 degrees will be. upper 60s and low 70's in fremont. 72 is expected in campbell and 71 in walnut creek. it is pretty comfortable for the east lake shoreline. it will be a pretty chilly afternoon. satellite and
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radar the show were the cloud cover of will be. that just popped up on satellite and radar and we will investigate to see when this will actually hit the ground. oakland a's will face off against the tigers and a ganed this is an elimination game and it is set to start at 7:07 p.m.. we will see a mix of clouds for the next several days and we may see some '80s as we transition to the weekend. >> coming up from millbrae past that have as fall to san bruno sadly the road work was scheduled there has
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shut down the left lane until 6:00 a.m. this morning. nevertheless caltran has scheduled tha the contractor has finished his work but there may still be a delay. afghan i am assured that the lanes should all be cleared by now. this backup should disappear very quickly. in the meantime with scituate bridge checks. the metering lights are active and the backups are starting to form. it is at 14 to 20 minutes for the drive. 12 to a 13 minute drive times in the west bound commute. you're right to the golden gate bridge will have no delays across the span. your total drive time should be
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about 23 minutes. >> and california judge has approved a request to suspend the request for the us pipeline explosion. it killed eight people and damaged a lot of homes. yesterday's ruling means that the negotiations against peak and she will be held behind closed doors. they will hold a news conference on october 15th to fight the suspension to keep the hearings opened to the public.
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>> the state reached a settlement which is self and of life policies. a 2008 audit found that they failed to pay death benefits. even though they did have proof to show that the people had actually died. >> a cleanup effort is
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underway this morning after an anti afghanistan march
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turned into a vandalism spree. take a look at the damage and we have plenty of video that shows how much needs to be fixed. on the plaza some of the residents voiced their frustrations and the rioters basically destroyed public property. what sense was this to make for them to do this. you c&ptht and in world news north korea is stating that the u.s. mainland is end range of the missiles. they stated that the war may be in knighted to the north. an unidentified spokesperson said that they are boosting their military. >> the united nations stated that a billion people all around the world is hungry. it has now been changed to 870 million. the
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organization's stated that there are using more accuracy and statistics to calculate the estimation of the world's hungry. >> the sentencing of jerry sandusky's former coach will be sentenced this morning and here is a picture of him arriving to court and it is supposed to get started at about 20 minutes. they are 30 years but he will be at least a hundred years old.
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>> we do have a chance for a
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drop or two to fall. we do see some more scheerer right off of the shore. arraigned should last right to the end of the day. >> on to more news we are following the latest from florida where george zimmerman is asking the judge to delay his trial. zimmerman is attorney stated that he needs more time to review the prosecutor's evidence. >> at texas mother of five is expected to be sentenced after she glued to her door to a wall and beat her over party training. 23 year-old woman admitted that she used a powerful at he stuff to glue her daughter hands to a wall and then a doctor testified that the level of abuse was torture. it is not stated to how long the little girl was pulled to the wall. >> and will have the
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developing story of jerry sandusky for abusing 10 boys over a 15 year span. here is a live shot outside of the court room he is inside and the hearing is underway. we will be right back.
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>> the regular gas has been changed from $4.75 to $4.64. the state averages set $4.67. this is up 49¢ over
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the past seven days. this puts california highest by 20¢. oakland and san jose is rounded to $4.76. an order was issued to release some of the of hope and that it will lower gas prices. both of the senators have issued a letter for investigation as to why the gas prices
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have spiked over a short amount of time. they issued this request to the f t c and the department of justice to see whether or not this will have an immediate change. we will keep our fingers crossed. >> if you go to kron 4 dock, on our home page you can scroll down to the section were assessed info and it is color coded so you can see everything that is around the bay. if you
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assume man you will see various gas stations and the price that they are paying for regular gas. at least you confine the gas station that can save you a few pennies. you can change the fuel tied for your car as well. the new prices will come on the screen for you. is t we can do to help you save. >> 6:35 a.m. is the time right now president obama is waking up in the city. he was with a hundred people who pay $20,000 a piece to
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have dinner with him. the fund raiser was hailed with 6000 supporters. >> the centerpiece of romney's economic plan is secured towards the wealthy. do not boo, you need to vote. he stood up on stage during the debate and promised that his tax cuts would include top one percent. but most of the economist who crunch the numbers show that governor romanies plan would blow up3 is outside aware of the president is waking up at. here we are at 6:37 a.m. he is scheduled to leave that 9:25 a.m.. we have three hours in between so he will have breakfast and then he will start to get on the move and then we can see traffic being affected. he is headed to all high heel to campaign there. mitt romney will be joining him
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in ohio. and remember there is the vice-president debate on thursday and the next presidential debate is for october the 16th. you can watch to both of them on comcast channel 193.
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>> apple is responding to a flair that is coming up on owners of the new iphone 5. apple states that the affair has been an issue for all
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owners of the iphone not just iphone 5. apple states that you should not point your phone in the areas of bright light. >> ithe electric cars may not be good for the environment. the factories that make electric cars may actually put more toxic waste in the air. electric cars do make sense. if your power comes from b
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temperatures in oakland s.f. 57 degrees and warmed up to 67 degrees by this afternoon. there is still a 20 percent chance of showers. we'll be right back.
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>> jerry sandusky is in court to find out how long he will be behind bars for abusing boys over a 15 year span. we will see how long he has to serve after this hearing where some of the victims are expected to speak. >> a gallon of gas is at $4.73. it is that for 67 and oakland.$4.67 and oakland.
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>> this was the president's 12th trip to san francisco. chang >> big bird will be starting in a new campaign for president obama. >> the obama campaign stated that the new act will be aired on regular tv and cable networks as well. >> in everyone is waiting to
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see what is happening with apple. that will probably set the tone for remainder of the week for wall street. >> we just lost our live picture and mexico. we have been watching for a skydiver to break a free fall off record. there are currently on a delay. there are some wins right now that is keeping them from blowing up this balloon. this is what h hit will be the first sky diver to break the sound barrier. he will parachute
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down to earth, why? >> time now is 6:48 a.m. and we want to take a look at the weather. erica what do we have? >> it we have a few scattered snow showers. rain she are san showers north of the golden gate bridge. temperatures will be in the upper 50s as we head into the afternoon. we could see mid level clouds are to
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creek and. as we head into tomorrow the temperatures will still be below the seasonal average. as we transition into the weekend. it is the upper 40's in napa, 51 in san mateo. upper 60s and low '70's very similar seto what we saw yesterday. sunnyvale, climbing to the mid-70s and it will be 66 for hayward. this will be a another day was sunny conditions. mid- 60's for downtown san francisco and it will be pretty chilly and a fair amount of clouds. your kron 47 day at around extended day forecast shows a 10% of
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grain for each day. with that we can see showers but saturday and sunday we will start to turn the corners. the next work week starting monday will be los seven days around the bay. at 6:50 a.m. this was your weather. >> we have been tracking a few slow spots, hot spots. 101 northbound through san bruno has affected traffic due to construction. the construction has ended but there is still a backup.
6:52 am
organic expressway, palo alto has left traffic very heavy. it is still a little early but better news for westbound 580 on to to 38. an earlier accident has been clear from the lanes. bay bridge is 16 minutes for the drive time. the san mateo bridge ride is still only 11 to 13 minutes. the golden gate bridge and 11 sout no incidents to report. >> time now is 6:52 a.m. and we will be right back. here is a lovely shot from our sky cam.
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>> and it is never too old to start thinking about christmas especially if you are loaded. nevis and markets will be issuing their new christmas book and it will issue their fancy gifts. they had your ping flower shows inside and $250 for a handcrafted speedboats. they also will have to his and hers gifts. so we will see what today's book will hold and store. >> in nasa has officially stated that they have detected something strange. here is the catch of some
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thing that might be from the row over its self. they will not sample anything more or defthey are stating that the rover landed on august 5th and they will find out whether or not life existed. >> in the dow has been negative for most of the morning down by 22 and so we're watching the numbers there. we're also watching the weather and will have air caught up in a moment. >> we do have a tan to 20 percent chance of showers.
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it will be thursday into the we can. h.j. we are waiting for jerry sandusky to find
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out his fate. this is the day that will break this season for the bay area baseball teams. ride share services are picking up but regulators say not so fast. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.

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